Personal Space defender
  Adafruit Flora      Maxbotix distance sensor      Adafruit Neo Pixel   3D printed Bow-tie      Bow-tie loops      Acetone   Velco  or fabric collar     Wire & heat shrink   5mm snaps   Magnetic backing   The tinkercad model.  I found a bow-tie file that was already made and changed it suite my needs.  I subtracted the areas where I placed electrical compenents and then added some brackets for the strap.  
 The printing and finishing process.  I smoothed the print out with acetone.  This also gave it a shiny look rather than the dull matte finish of sanded plastic.  
 Assembly.  I snapped the parts in and carefully soldered things in place using the smallest amounts of wire possible.  
 More Glamour Shots.  I have hidden the wires under the collar and down the back of the shirt.  
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