Three Projects

@Work; I should be getting our first PCB's back from the fab house.  I'm anxious to see how my device operates once I throw some proto's together.  I have already spotted a few things that will need tweeking but nothing major.  For some of the other physical build, I have been playing with dielectric gel.  It has been a crash course in material  engineering.  We are looking at eliminating conformal coating  and trying to create a nearly indestructible product.  We did some testing with a small a firearm a few weeks ago.  It failed the 357 test, but it might pass a .22.  We'll see.  

@School; My main thing is the beginning of my Capstone Design.  I have picked a slight modification of an idea that I had already been toying around with, "A Twitter Shitter."  Basically, its a toilet seat with sensors that connects to the internet and provides usable data.  With the Arduino Yun, I can send that Data almost anywhere.  My adviser has steered me toward focusing the attention toward BioTech and the elderly rather than sending tweets and FB posts about poop.  

On another project, I am working with some ME's from the 'other' building.  They need an EE for their senior project.  The project manager asked around and my name come up.  It's a funny situation where I am grossly outnumbered by Mechanicals, the project is mostly electrical, and there is only one other code monkey.  It should be fun and it seems to be a good group.  This project is another BioTech thing, but this time involving gimpy feet and the way people walk. The great thing is it's sponsored and I can engineer this without having to worry about nickel and diming the thing.