21st Century Computing

It's time for a more powerful machine.  I have been using the same cheap netbook for 3+ years now.  It's a good device but I have asked way to much of it.  Sarah's laptop isn't doing great either.  We have a glut of devices that would work great as content delivery machines but only Sarah's machine(CHIP) can really be used for serious content creation.  As I enter my final year in school, I need to create a lot of content very efficiently.  

Last semester I learned a fair amount about servers, networking and general IT skills.  Because of those skills and the free software I get from school, I have decided that I'll start using a server and virtualizations for my computing needs.  The tablets are great for watching a movie, but in the near future I need remote clients, VPN, and the ability to refresh an OS without losing a beat.

I've chosen a Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 and added a bunch of RAM to it.  This is a great machine for the money.