Server Problems

I picked up another domain ( and was working on implementing ADS and DNS roles when my server manager decided to give up.   I keep reminding myself that this is a silly first world problem, but it still vexes me.  I did what is said not to do and changed one small thing while it was installing the new roles.  Most likely, I killed the registry with my stupidity.  I've searched online for an easy solution but haven't found it yet.  Finding a fix will have to wait till I get some more time to deal with this properly.  

On a happy note, I received a new sensor the other day.  It's a microwave Doppler effect distance sensor.  I'm curious to see how this thing works and what I can do.  It seems that when you combine it with a PIR, you can eliminate false positives and get great motion detection.  I don't have much need for this right now, but I couldn't resist the Doppler effect.