Part's Ordered

Yesterday we spoke with one of the sponsors for this project.  He seemed like an Indiana 'good ole boy.'  A nice older gentleman who wants something to sell.  The group members had some qualms about the legal contract and he made it seem all good.  His words "just scratch out whatever you can't sign."  That was a pretty cool statement from the financier of this little endeavor.  

After that we spoke with the doctor.  The sponsor, Jim, stated that whatever the doctor wanted is what we should build.  We chatted about what we could do for him.  It turned out to be a very productive and worthwhile meeting.  Seeing this device from the doctors eyes really narrowed the scope to a place I can work.  

Today, we got parts ordered.  They, the sponsors, ordered twice as much as we asked for.  Close to $1400 in electronics coming our way.  We won't need all of it, so hopefully after I create an amazing prototype for these gentleman, they let me keep some of these sensors.  I'm like Gollum for sensors.  And we ordered some pretty sweet, precious for me to pine over.