Arduino & Matlab

I wrote a lab for one of my professors.  It's about compiling code from Matlab to an Arduino board.  The lab is geared around a simple virtual low-pass filter.  I don't think the 2.5KB of code is a better solution than a few discrete parts.  But it was a fun exercise and I earned some extra credit, which is nice.  

3D printing fulfilling the promise

After having a small kitchen remodel done, my wife and I went to put things back where they go.  We found that  we had lost a small plastic part that made these canvas basket shelves work right.  Her first thought was to pick up a replacement part at Lowe's.  We arrived in the section to find that they didn't sell this 2 cent plastic part by itself.  Buying a new shelf for the cheap plastic part would have been $30/us.  Our trip to Lowe's was based on looking at their smart home system Iris.  I was distracted by new technology and was thinking about all the options.   She was about to purchase it when I remembered the magic machine that she so kindly purchased me on my 30th birthday!  A few minutes in TinkerCad and we have the part we need.  

This was one of the promises with this technology; that I wouldn't get screwed by large companies gouging me for some cheap replacement plastic part.  This part is so silly that they don't even bother selling it.   It keeps tension on the rail slides and allows the basket to move in and out properly.  Silly, but the damm shelf is garbage without it.  Thankfully, I had the other part to model it after and everything is good now.  

Visualizing Data

On this current project for school, I have been able to get some good data from the 9dof module and have begun to visualize that data via Processing.  I'm using the i2C bus to carry most of the data.  Today I push to see how much throughput I can get out of serial data at 115k baud.  I have alot of data to send and my first look at things had the 9dof hogging all the bandwidth.  

My PCB's

The circuit boards for my device finally arrived from the fab house.  I soldered up a test board quickly so that it could be sent out to the injection molding guys for further enclosure design.  My project is progressing nicely.  We are still waiting on some of the custom connectors to come through but we seem to be on schedule.